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Literally translated FUNTUNFUNEFU-DENKYEMFUNEFU means “a two-headed crocodile with a common stomach.” It is a symbol for unity amongst humanity despite cultural differences. It symbolizes working together in a democratic society to reach our destiny as humanity. The funny thing about the crocodiles is even though they have a common stomach, they fight each other for the food. It’s as if they do not understand that their destiny’s are linked so whatever food one mouth eats, both will be nourished. As humans, we argue and fight over shared “food” not realizing we can both receive nourishment if we work together. We are like the siamese crocodile.

I’m starting this blog because of this symbol. If we meet one day, maybe I’ll explain the deeper meaning and epiphany I experienced with this symbol. For now, just know it was a major catalyst. Unity is just as necessary as individuality. Our focus, however, has become far more individualistic than unified. I am angered, horrified, appalled by the way we speak to each other and interact with each other. We are disconnected, but I believe that we can be unified…only if we want. To play my role in U-N-I-T-Y I am creating this space for open, honest communication around some of the most difficult issues: race, education, and faith. The trifecta. But open, honest communication is exactly what we are missing. I read an article a couple years ago about a man named Fernando Flores and he

West African symbol for unity and democracy

spoke about the power of words. He said that most of us speak without intention or candidly leaving our relationships weak. But if we speak with intention our actions will have meaning. That is what I want: a community of people that speak with intent (not to be confused with malice) to build stronger relationships despite our differences. I have a perspective that may differ and I am open to explore those differences. Grandiose vision for a blog…go hard or go home.

Perhaps we will begin to understand that when I eat, you get nourishment too.